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Smart, Intelligent & Disruptive

Varastoo is an asset tracking system that uses IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Web & Mobile technologies to create disruption in the supermarkets, warehouses, shopping malls, hospitals, care homes and the list goes on. It's one of a kind and its the future. 

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Smart, Intelligent,


A disruptive product which is smart enough to adapt to the environment it is deployed into. Varastoo is not just for one particular industry, it can be used in a variety of business segments and can serve according to the need of the business. 

Varastoo, The Future Is Here

Making The World Around You Smarter

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Shopping Mall

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Pet tracking

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Live Events

How It Works

Learn how Varastoo makes your operations easier!

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IoT Sensors

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We use IoT Sensors to map the entire supermarket

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Your customers can enter the supermarket with your mobile app, buy everything in their shopping list, pay and walk out.

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We use AI to create intelligent insights from the data collected & help the businesses to understand their customer behavior

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